Saturday, 8 January 2011

David Angell: The Associated Press Image

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Below is an enlarged version of an Associated Press image of David Angell, analysed together with the very similar image that can be found on David Angell's Wikipedia page. Aside from the very obvious fact that these images are almost identical, the following discrepancies can be observed:

  1. The bridge of David's nose as it meets the forehead is very peculiar. The perspective here, and around the right eye (left eye as it appears in the image), is similarly odd.
  2. David's left eye (right eye as it appears in the image) appears to be surrounded by superfluous, discoloured scar tissue or face putty.
  3. The hairline running up the side of his face appears to be ruler-straight.
  4. Look just underneath the short and long vertical lines to see clear join marks. The join is most noticeable where it cuts across David's moustache.
  5. Notice the teeth and compare them with the Wikipedia image. There are obvious gaps between the teeth in the one image, but not in the other. Similarly, there's a slightly overlapping tooth in the Wikipedia image, but not in the AP image.
  6. Someone has been at work with the blur tool in this section, and none too subtly for that matter: they managed to take a small nick out of David's beard (right on the jawline) while doing so. We can also see what appear to be cloning artifacts next to the collar and observe some odd discolouration in this area.

David Angell - AP image

David Angell - Wikipedia image

This same image is also being hawked on the NBCU Photobank website. The kind of alterations we see in these images are consistent with my theory that David Angell is in fact still alive, and that these were at one time real images of David Angell, which have been altered in order to minimise the chances of him being recognised in public.


Anonymous said...

This photo is David and it hasn't been altered -- that's what he looked like, that's him. I knew him, you didn't. And Lynn was very real. What is your obsession with all of this? You must be seriously paranoid or have some other serious mental issue. Why don't you put this energy and extra time you seem to have to better use?

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MC said...

It's August 2017 and I came across this accidentally. Pull the Argyll yearbook for 1981 and you will see you should have checked before speculating and trying to show Lynn as misrepresented. She was so true and real. Anybody could talk to her and she cared and was concerned. I knew Lynn from school and she was everybody's friend. Don't know why somebody would try to debunk her. She had class. You don't and why would you call yourself a fireman. A true fireman wouldn't say untrue stupid crap. Hmmmm you must be a fraud!