Friday, 7 January 2011

David and Lynn Angell: Their Final Domicile Pt1

This post actually precedes an earlier post on the subject of David and Lynn Angell's last place of residence. The follow-up post can be found @ The original version of this article was posted on Let's Roll and can be found @

The subject of the Angell's domicile proved central to the subsequent lawsuit brought by David's brother and sister, Kenneth Angell and Claire Miller. A fascinating article on the case can be found by following the below link.

Here's a few choice quotes from this article:

"In the Angell case, lawyers had debated whether his “domicile” was in California, Massachusetts or Rhode Island, which has more favorable laws for this type of litigation. Black’s Law Dictionary defines a domicile as “a person’s true, fixed, principal and permanent home."

"Under California and Massachusetts law, “recovery is largely limited to economic loss to dependants” and Angell had no children. Under Rhode Island law, damages would be calculated by projecting Angell’s lifetime earnings, minus lifetime expenses, defense lawyers said."

"The plaintiffs’ lawyers said there was no question that Angell’s domicile was the couple’s “dream house” on Wheaton Street in Providence."

"The couple had sold their long-held summer home on Cape Cod, and their new Cape Cod vacation home was still under construction, the plaintiffs’ lawyers said."

"In 1999, Angell concluded he no longer needed to live in Hollywood to write and produce shows, so he decided to “return home to Providence,” the lawyers wrote. “The Angells were living in the Wheaton Street house prior to September 2001; the closing and construction of the home was complete.” Nearly the entire contents of their California home had been moved to Providence..."

This is absolutely fascinating stuff! The article indicates that the couple owned no habitable property on Cape Cod at the time of their deaths. How, then, can The Angell Foundation claim that the couple hosted a wedding at their home on Cape Cod immediately prior to 9/11? Why do so many 'memorial' sites repeat the same story?

The article tells us that almost all of David and Lynn's possessions had been transferred from their home in California to their new home in Providence. One assumes that Lynn Angell must have left a sizeable collection of clothes behind in California, because Flight 11's passenger manifest tells us that she did NOT check in any baggage on this flight. David supposedly checked in one bag, whereas the NB manifest code appears against Lynn's name.

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