Sunday, 14 November 2010

David and Lynn Angell: Their Final Domicile Pt2

As noted in one of my posts on the letsroll forum, the subject of the Angell's domicile at the time of their alleged deaths proved central to a lawsuit brought by David's brother and sister, Kenneth Angell and Claire Miller. A fascinating article on the case can be found by following the below link.

Below are some key quotes taken from the above article:

"The plaintiffs’ lawyers said there was no question that Angell’s domicile was the couple’s “dream house” on Wheaton Street in Providence."
"The couple had sold their long-held summer home on Cape Cod, and their new Cape Cod vacation home was still under construction, the plaintiffs’ lawyers said."
"In 1999, Angell concluded he no longer needed to live in Hollywood to write and produce shows, so he decided to “return home to Providence,” the lawyers wrote. “The Angells were living in the Wheaton Street house prior to September 2001; the closing and construction of the home was complete.” Nearly the entire contents of their California home had been moved to Providence..."

There are two main problems with the information provided in the article.

First, the Wheaton Street address cited above appears not to exist. In fact, Wheaton Street itself appears to be nothing more than a single vacant plot of land owned by the City of Providence. How, then, could this apparently non-existent address have been David and Lynn Angell's sole domicile at the time of their alleged deaths?

Second, we know that the couple had in fact sold their home in California during the summer of 2001, which makes the article's reference to their 'home' in California rather mystifying to say the least. Are we to believe that the couple still had possessions stored at a home they sold two months prior to their 'deaths'?

The confusion as regards where exactly the couple were domiciled at the time of their alleged deaths is compounded by IRS documents that can be found on the Barnstaple County Registry of Deeds website. Here we find two IRS Form 792 documents, one for Lynn and one for David. In both cases the "Domicile at time of Death" is cited as 1 Oak Knoll Terrace, Pasadena, California. This is in direct contradiction to the claims made by lawyers in the lawsuit referred to above and is incomprehensible given that we know that the couple had sold this property two months prior to 9/11.

Lynn Angell - Form 792

David Angell - Form 792

To access these documents go to and follow the below instructions:

  • Select Click here to Search Public Records
  • Select Land Court by Document #
  • Enter 907545 for Lynn's Form 792, 907546 for David's
  • Click Search
  • Click the DOC icon
  • Click View in the small panel that appears to the left of the entry

There is, in my view, no good reason for the 'confusion' surrounding the couple's final domicile. Could this represent another attempt to place the couple squarely in the Boston area at the time of 9/11, i.e. an attempt to add credibility to the claim that both were passengers on American Airlines Flight 11, which supposedly departed from Boston's Logan International airport?

Monday, 1 November 2010

David Angell: More Video Footage, More Questions

I've discovered more video footage of David Angell, this time at the 1994 and 1998 Emmy Awards. These videos are much better quality and were recorded in the backstage pressroom. I should point out that David Angell isn't identified by name in either video, although Peter Casey and David Lee are present so I'm assuming that the person I'm identifying as Angell is indeed who I think it is. In both videos he stands immediately behind and to the left of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

The URLs for these videos are as follows:



After viewing these videos it's well worth comparing this David Angell with the younger version who appears in the 1984 Emmy Award video. I simply cannot relate the 1984 David Angell with the 1994 David Angell, even when taking the ten year age difference into account. In terms of physical appearance, they appear to me to be two completely different individuals.

Even more peculiar is the apparent difference in mannerisms. The shy and awkward David Angell we see in the 1984 video has a striking and ingratiating smile, which seems completely at odds with the grotesque grins and coquettish giggling of the David Angell we see in the 1994 and 1998 videos. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the person we see in the 1994 and 1998 videos appears somewhat camp and effeminate. Is this what ten years in Hollywood does to a person's physiognomy and character? For the moment, I'm at a loss to explain this.

In relation to the existing images we have of David Angell, I provide below some side-by-side comparisons. In some cases there are similarities, although for the most part I'm struck by the differences, the nose being the main culprit. This is consistent with the clear signs of manipulation that can be seen in the Angell Foundation images. It's also consistent with the idea that these images were once genuine pictures that have had relatively subtle changes made to them, although there are clear exceptions to this, with the Cheers picture being a prime example.