Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Angell Foundation: The Images They Really Don't Want You To See

As you know, most of the images analysed on my blog derive from The Angell Foundation's website. These images did not appear on the website per se but existed in the site's underlying directory structure, which the webmaster left unprotected. The Foundation is now aware of this breach. I know this because as of today this part of the site is inaccessible and returns a "403 Forbidden" message.

The URL is:

How they discovered the breach is a moot point. It could be that the webmaster spotted traffic coming from this blog and the LetsRoll forum. Equally, if this forum is monitored in any way then 'someone' could have passed word to them. Regardless, I think it goes without saying that the Foundation must now be aware that these images are in the public domain. My guess is that they'd much rather they were not...

Here's the URL for their webhost/design provider:

Notice that Hillsides is also an IWS customer. Hillsides is a home for abused children and Lynn Angell worked there in a voluntary capacity. The couple seem to have donated sizeable sums to this organisation over the years, and The Angell Foundation has carried on this tradition since their alleged deaths.

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